Listen to them, the children of the night.

What music they make. - Bram Stoker's Dracula

Pulse: Beneath the Sanguine Moon

Every relationship has its ups and downs, though typically this is just a figure of speech. When Skylar Roth finds her boyfriend levitating in his sleep, the phrase takes on a whole new meaning. 

Skylar realizes that bailing would be the most logical move to make in this situation - but let's face it, superhuman boyfriends are all the rage! Had Sky kept up on her brother's Spider-Man comic book collection like she had the Kardashians, maybe she would understand that acquiring 'great power' can be quite the drag.

The couple's world quickly shifts when Alekz, Skylar's boyfriend, is shocked while trying to change a faulty fuse at his uncle's janky pizza joint. This unexpected blast opens a portal to another dimension, allowing an extra-dimensional being to come through. It may seem exciting, but when they are face to fangs with a malevolent creature, possessing these unversed supernatural abilities proves to be perilous for the couple - and the entire human race.


Pulse: Take Heed of Deep Shadows

After suffering a major blow to the cranium, Skylar Roth awakens in a strange place, unable to distinguish between reality and nightmares; not that it makes much of a difference. The two worlds inevitably collide when Sky notices the locals are beginning to act a bit thrill-killy. Now she must channel her inner goth and make sure to remain a nonconformist - but does Skylar possess the survival skills required to defeat these bloodthirsty fiends, or will she ultimately join them on their hunt for human flesh?